Simple Placemats

Using Sugar’n Cream’s new Stripes yarn, I’ve made two sets of very simple placemats/coasters in two different styles. [NB: I normally don’t buy cotton, I try to use recycled or organic cotton only. But if you have it, you may as well make something with it which is what I did in this case.]

For both sets: I used an H hook and Stripes yarn. Don’t worry about gauge; I give measurements for length and width so you needn’t worry about crocheting as tightly as I do! Only stitches needed are sc, hdc, and dc.

*1* First is a modern style with a square, 14″ x 14″ placemat. I did this set in the “country” color. When I first received the yarn, I thought it was a little scary looking–the reddish color is a little orange-y for my taste. But it ended up working and not looking bad at all. This pattern makes a thick, tight fabric because it is all in sc.

Start off with a foundation chain-row that is 67 stitches long (and turn) or, chain 67, turn, and SC in each ch across, CH 1 and turn. This gave me a first row that was about 14″; add or subtract sc as you need to give your yarn, hook size, and gauge.

Continue thereafter (SC in each stitch across, ch 1, turn, SC in next stitch and in each stitch across, etc.) till the piece is 14″ long. Simple, right?


*2* Here is a more traditional style placemat, about 11.75″ x 17″. It’s looser and works up quicker than the first style.
First row: CH 44, turn, HDC in third ch from hook and in each across (42 hdc). CH 1, turn.

Second row: HDC in each stitch across, ch 1, turn.

Repeat second row until piece measures 17″. FO and weave in end.

Spiral Coasters (match both sets):I made up this pattern since I couldn’t find one that I liked. I used the same yarn and an H hook. Pattern is worked in one continuous round. If you work in back loops only you get a nice, defined, expanding spiral line.

Start with a magic loop.

Make 8 SC into ring. Tighten. Continuing in a spiral:

  • make 2 HDC in the next seven sc (14 hdc).
  • make 2 DC in the next sc, and then 2 DC in the next 14 stitches
  • *1 DC in next st, 2 DC in following dc* 18 times
  • *1 DC in next 2 st, 2 DC in next st* 8 times. Fasten off.

This makes a nice, flat spiral.


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