Where most of the world’s merino wool comes from

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Merino sheep must undergo this treatment as lambs.  This is a narrated video of accepted sheep-rearing practices so if you do buy/use wool, please watch this short video so that you can be an informed consumer.


Will start adding patterns again

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I’ve written them, have pics, just haven’t gotten them online.  Coming soon 🙂

If you’re interested in why I’ve chosen veganism…

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Working on a few projects

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I’m really interested in the whole recycling thing so I am making up some more patterns using plastic bags, sheets, and old t-shirts. Keep checking back, I’ll be adding stuff soon!

Posted first pattern

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I’m not sure how it’s going to come out — I wrote it a few weeks after I’d done the project but I hope it works. Feel free to leave feedback! It’s a crocheted plastic bag bag. 

For other ideas on making bags out of recycled materials, see this website — it has some great ideas on making things out of other materials like VHS tape.

Starting out ….

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Welcome to the new blog. I’ve found that there aren’t nearly as many crochet sites as you’d expect and there is very little info on vegan crocheters (or knitters, for that matter). I plan to post a bunch of links as well as get some original patterns up here sorta soon.

Here are the requisite pics of my animals . . . .

My sweet dog Elliott and my late but great kitty Earl

My current foster kitty, Dillon

Stay tuned.

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